Some of my favourite pictures:

Tobermory, July 2019

Tobermory, July 2019

Herring Gull with his own notice! Tobermory, July 2019

Puffin, Staffa, July 2019

Spanish Dancer, Salamanca, June 2018

Oporto after dark, from The River Douro, June 2018

Mateus Palace, Vilareal, Portugal June 2018

Jousting at Horsepower, Falkirk 9th September 2017

Yacht Harbour, Korcula, July 2017

Death Mask of Agamemnon, Greek Museum of Archaeology, July 2017

Venice - The Grand Canal from the Ponte degli Scalzi - July 2017

Long-tailed Tit 17 May 2017

Orange Tip Butterfly on Spanish Bluebell 11 May 2017

Mallard close up, Terre des Oiseaux, 2nd July 2016

Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux, at night from a riverboat on the Garonne 1st July 2016

Roe Deer (capreolus capreolus) 30th March 2016

Yellowhammer (emberiza cintrinella) 3rd November 2015

Goldfinch (carduelis carduelis) 28 September 2015

peach-coloured tea roses 11th September 2015

Comma butterfly (Polygonia c-album) 22nd September 2015

Common Darter Dragonfly (Sympetrum striolatum) 16 September 2015

Clyde - Old English Mastiff -  8th September 2015

White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) 8th July - Pont de Gau, France

Raven ( Corvus Corax) 23rd August 2015

Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) 9th July, Pont de Gau

Vivarais Railway: Locomotive Mallet 403 - St Jean de Muzols station 4th July 2015

Star Clipper 5 July 2014

Buzzard 2011

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