Sunday, 27 October 2013

Introducing Myself

I am a writer. Most of the time I write stories. From time to time I write poetry or articles. Once in a blue moon I write a play.
As a general rule I quite like what I write. That does not make me unique; very few people spend their time writing things that they don't like. Occasionally magazine editors say that they like what I write too, but only rarely do they like it enough to print it. This means that mostly you don't get to read what I write.
This blog is going to be different. You can make your own decision whether to read it; you won't need an editor to take the decision on your behalf.
It's also going to be different in that I am not going to be writing stories here. I have had the good fortune to travel quite widely and many of the places and things that I have seen are worthy of comment. I am also lucky to live in Sliabh Mannan (left) where people and nature are close together and affect each other in important ways. So I shall be writing about landscape, buildings, creatures and habitats.
I may sometimes write about people, but I don't intend to spend an inordinate amount of time on politics. There is no shortage of political commentary and I am more interested in how people think than in what they conclude.
So there are my ground rules. Welcome to The View from Sliabh Mannan.