Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Man on the Church Street Omnibus

I am pleased to say that the first edition of The Sockdolager quarterly magazine is now available on line. The whole magazine is available for download from Amazon.

It contains my story 'The Man on the Church Street Omnibus'. This is my first published venture into historical science fiction.

Steampunk enthusiasts will be sad to hear that, though set in the Victorian era, the story features no locomotives, pumping engines or paddle steamers; the omnibus in the title is of the horse-drawn variety.

Nevertheless, I do hope you will find it a good read. I am in distinguished company in the table of contents; it is particularly pleasing to share the edition with my friend Stewart Baker.

I have to acknowledge that the photograph illustrating this post is not an omnibus. Sadly I have yet to perfect the time machine that will enable me to return to the 1860's and photograph one. However this very smart turnout was on display at last year's Highland Show, so I hope you like that too.

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