Thursday, 29 September 2016

A Braw Song For Burns Night

I am delighted to report the publication of my latest story by Recompose magazine, edition #2 'Ritualistic Pompadour'.

This is a modern Scottish tale, developing a theme I first came up with as a piece of homework during my time with Falkirk Writers Circle.

Although it's my sixth professional rate sale, being less than 1,000 words it counts as a Flash piece (like two of the others) and so I still hang on to my eligibility for the Writers of the Future competition, at least for now. I've eight Honorable Mentions and a Silver HM, but the final still proves elusive. Maybe Quarter 4 of Volume 33, which ends this month - you never know your luck.

Anyway I hope people will flock to buy the latest Recompose. Because you do all want struggling authors to eat, don't you?

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