Saturday, 24 June 2017


The Prophets of Baal
In the Smashwords Summer Sale you can buy 'The Prophets of Baal' ebook version at HALF PRICE!

All you have to do is follow this link to the book's Smashwords page:

Enter the Discount Coupon Code: WG78W

And you'll get my novel for the promotional price: $2.50.

This offer Expires: July 24, 2017.

So here's your chance to help me reach the best seller charts.

I mean you would like me to make the best seller charts, wouldn't you?

Plot summary:

Young PI Toby cannot believe his luck. Two beautiful women compete for his affections. But when he falls for the younger one, he is enmeshed in an ancient struggle between occult powers. If the girl is to be saved from death, he faces not just a steep learning curve in witchcraft but a battle for supremacy. And unknown to Toby, both sides have picked him to play a leading role in the fight!

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