Wednesday, 13 September 2017


The Kelpies at The Helix, Falkirk

Appropriately enough, shortly before my story 'The Black Horse' is published in a few days' time, I was able to pay a visit to the Horsepower show at The Helix, Falkirk (above), home of the famous 'Kelpies' scuplture.

Outlander stunt riders

From the hugely popular pony rides to the vigorous re-enactment of fight scenes by Outlander stunt riders (left), there was something to interest spectators in a wide variety of non-competitive equestrian endeavour. The occasional shower failed to dampen the enthusiasm, though it probably added to the takings in the sales and refreshment tents.

Heavy Horses on The Towpath

Heavy horses were at work logging, pulling agricultural implements, and on the towpath of the Forth Clyde Canal (right).

The grand finale in the main ring was the hugely popular jousting tourney (below).

Jousting Tournament

We have to remark that not every competitor displayed perfect chivalry.  A certain amount of cheating seemed to be going on, none of which had the slightest connection with the large bag of gold allegedly deposited for safe keeping with the judge by the eventual victor.

A large crowd had a very good day. Many thanks to the organisers and participants who deserve much credit for ensuring everything went well.

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